Wedding in Samota (Solitude Hojšín) // Kristýna & Radovan

As the name suggests, I was a wedding photographer in a beautiful nature in complete solitude among forests, meadows and ponds. 

The wedding ceremony took place on a narrow path between two ponds. The wedding guests literally did not breathe when the bride Týnka came along the thin path. It was almost impossible to walk next to the gate, but it was really worth the view from the terrace. 

In this place there was a barbecue on the terrace. This unconventional couple solved the festive lunch by inviting their favorite burger place Turtle beers & burgers directly to the venue. And then everyone had fun with how the lavishly dressed wedding guests tried to elegantly eat the whole super burger. 

I really like the trend where preparations, ceremony and banquet are in one place. It is possible here. The accommodation is comfortable for about 60 people. The Samota Hojšín wedding venue is located about an hour from Prague in the direction of Tábor. 

The big advantage is the huge playroom for children, which entertained not just kids but also fathers in the late evening at the playstation. 

And let’s not forget, dogs are welcome. By being invited to this magical place the day before, I had plenty of time to go through everything and prepare in peace. I need to look in the direction of the light, look for a shadow for group photography after the ceremony and especially for the newlywed portraits. The bride Týnka and the groom Ráďa and I managed two wedding portraits. The first at noon in the shade of the meadow under the building, and in the evening we ran up the hill behind the building to catch the last rays of the golden hour. Judge the result for yourself. 

Which portraiture do you prefer? 

Wedding photographer, Adela