Unconventional wedding in the Wigwam // Petra & Marcel

Would like to spend your wedding day in a non-traditional environment? If an answer is yes, the restaurant Vigvam @vigvamresortnemcice could be the right one for you.

It is located an hour from Prague in the direction to Hradec Králové, not far from Kolín, and in addition with a restaurant and a nice accommodation, you will also find an all-wooden wigwam. Next to it, there is a tent, under which it is possible to move with the guests in the case of rain wedding, it is a wonderful plan B. The advantage is the capacity of the place, which can accommodate up to 280 guests. Inside the wigwam there is a seating area for 150 people, a band and a dance floor.

Evening portrait session can take place in the field directly behind the wigwam or at the local pond.

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Contact place: +420 606 429568