Momentka by Momentka

The perfect kiss, amorous look, or tears of happiness are just the moments that create the magical atmosphere of your wedding. Momentka – a fraction of a second when everything is simply as it should be – captures these feelings naturally and truly. Thanks to this, the photos that are created will impress you and make you laugh. When you look at them with the passage of time, you will experience the day when you were surrounded by joy, happiness, and love again and again. That’s the power of photos from Momentka (Momentka’s meaning is Snapshot).

You, Soňa and Adéla

We all create a moment together. You are my subject, Soňa is a mediator and me, Adéla, I am a careful photographer who brings us all together. A lot of photographers take their tool as a shovel, but for me are my two Sony Alpha a7 iii partners who at least deserve mention in helping me. Together we form a professional trio who focus on the most important things during your big day – you.

Because you give me the honor to share such a crucial moments of your live with me, I sincerely believe that you should know who I am.

Adéla alias
Currently a trying to root nomad

After years of moving with a camera from one corner of the globe to another, I docked in Smíchov, Prague. I exchanged my backpack for a cabbage, I planted a birch on the terrace and put my boots back on. I returned to the keyboard, meetings and teambuilding. It was nice mainly thanks to great colleagues, but I was still missing something. My grandmother said I couldn’t sit on my butt. I would describe myself as a person who keeps trying new things because she loves life. And I sometimes missed it in the open space. In the end, I admitted that I would rather look at glowing faces in front of the lens than at torn expressions in video conferences. So I traded my purse for a photo bag and gave the corporation a roll.

But I'll give you Fidorka when I see you, because you've read this far.
I appreciate it and looking forward to meet you in person.

Your Adele

Do you like my approach?

So let’s not wait!